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Ultimate Gallery Master is indeed the ultimate responsive multimedia Gallery with an insane set of features that allows to create unlimited Image, Video (YouTube and Vimeo) and link galleries with unlimited possibilities. It is the most complete and advance gallery plugin runs on all major browsers with support for older browsers like IE8 and mobile devices like iPhone, iPad, IOS, Android or Windows mobile.


  1.  Plugin Installation
  2.  Add New Gallery
  3.  Publish Gallery in Page
  4.  Gallery Settings
  5.  Frequently asked questions (FAQ)
    1. What is “Container Dimension”?

1. Installation and Activate Plugin:

Here we describe two methods to install a plugin on your WordPress.

  1.  Using WordPress Admin Plugin Upload.
  2.  Using FTP.

1. Install Plugin using the WordPress Admin Plugin Upload

a. First download the ZIP file from above “Download Now” button.
b. Log in to your website administrator panel.
c. Go to the ‘Add New’ in the plugins dashboard, click “Upload Plugin”.
d. Upload [Ultimate Gallery Master]  ZIP file by choosing it from your computer.
e. Click **Install Now** button.
f. Then click **Activate Plugin** button.
g. You can see the gallery plugin installed on WordPress left menu.

2.  Using FTP

a. First you will need to download the plugin. (it will be a zip file).
b. Next, you need to extract the zip file on your computer.
c. Login to your FTP.
d. Access the path /wp-content/plugins/ for your server directory.
e. Upload the extracted folder to the **/wp-content/plugins/** folder on your web server.
f. Activate the plugin in the Plugin dashboard.
e. You can see the plugin is installed and option will display on WordPress left menu.

You can also follow our blog about How to Install plugin on WordPress Directory.

Activate plugin into WordPress site.

Now Plugin is successfully installed.

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Go to Ultimate Gallery Master plugin menu and click on Add New Gallery button.

Now Enter your Gallery Title and click on Add New Media button.

When you click on Add New Media button than a pop window will appears that is Multiple Image Uploader. Using multiple image uploader you can upload and add multiple images in any gallery.

Use CTRL key to select multiple images randomly and Use SHIFT key to select multiple images continuously. Now click on Select button to insert selected images into galleries.

After click on select button, all selected image will display on your gallery in the form of box Layout with few drop down and text boxes. Like Below Image

Here we describe each section of the above image and their uses.

  1. Display Type :- Now you can select Display Type for each image. There are three types for each image.
      1. Image :- If you select Type as Image than upon clicking to that image thumbnail into gallery, Image will preview in light-box.
      2. YouTube/Vimeo Video :- If you select Type as YouTube/Vimeo Video than upon clicking to that image thumbnail into gallery, YouTube/Vimeo Video will play in light-box which is specified into Video/Link URL Text Box (Box No. 4).
      3. Link :- If you want to redirect user on a particular link select type as Link and Past you link into  Video/Link URL Text Box (Box No. 4). When user click on thumbnail it will redirect him to given link.

2. Image Label :- Label will be display on hover over the image.

3. Description :- Description will be show on light-box preview when you click on image thumbnail or Image icon click (if you enable icon). There is a option in Lightbox Setting named “Description By Default” Enable this option to show description by default or there is a button in light box to see description

4. Link :- Link text box can be used when you selected display type as  YouTube/Vimeo Video or Link than you have to enter respective link in this text box.

5. Extra Button URL :- If you enable Icon button than the second icon button will be show on image hover when give some link in the field. When you click on that icon button, given link will be open in new tab.

6. Remove Button :- Remove button ( x ) use to remove image from gallery.

7. Gallery Shortcode :- Use Gallery Shortcode to publish gallery in any Page / Post. Each gallery have unique shortcode.

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When you create gallery, you can publish gallery in any Page/Post.

Go to All Galleries menu page. Here you get all your saved galleries with there shortcode or you can click on Edit Button of the gallery and copy the shortcode from gallery. Like Below Image

Copy the gallery shortcode Like:- [UGMP id=279]

Now Go to Add New Page using Pages menu. Give Title to page and paste your copied shortcode like  [UGMP id=277] into page content editor. Click on Publish button to publish your gallery into page.

Gallery Preview into Page:

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Here we are explaining each settings one by one.

4.1.  Grid Layout:

This can be Classic. For Dynamic, Masonry, Infinite Grid Layout Buy Premium Plugin.

grid layout


4.2.  Grid Orientation:

This can be vertical or horizontal. Like name describe gallery display in vertically or horizontally.


4.3.  Thumbnail Styles:

This can be used to change Thumbnail Hover effect. Upgraded to Premium for more Effects.


4.4. Container Dimension:

Container Dimension is the area in which gallery thumbnails will be display. This option show when you set Gird Orientation as Horizontal.


4.5.  Font Style:

This option can be used to change gallery font style.

font style


4.6. Open Link:

This option can be used to set link will open in same tab or new tab.


4.7.  Disable Hover Effect:

This can be yes or no, disable or enable thumbnails interactivity. Enable it to pause the hover effect, only the thumbnail will be show without any effect.

disable hover effect


4.8. Image Hover Color:

This can be used to change Image Hover Color.

image hover color


4.9. Image Hover Color Opacity:

Use this option to set Opacity of image hover color.


4.10. Image Text Color:

This option can be used to change image thumbnail text color, like: image label.


4.11. Show Icon Button:

This can be used to show icon button on image over.

show icon button


4.12.  Icon Style:

This can be used to change icon style Light or Dark.

icon style


4.13. Thumbnail Border :

Use this option to set thumbnail border.

thumbnail border


4.14.  Space Between Thumbnails:

Think this option as spacing between Thumbnails.

space between thumbnails


4.15. Show TopBar:

This can be yes or no, it shows or not the TopBar above the gallery having menu and search box.


4.16. TopBar Background Color:

This can used to change top bar background color.


4.17. Show Search Box:

This can be yes or no, use this option to show or hide search box from topbar.


4.18. Search Box Position:

Use this option to set the position of Search Box on top-bar can be left or right.


4.19.  Show Zoom Button:

This can be yes or no. Hide or show the image zoom in and out button with lightbox.

show zoom button


4.20. Show Description Button:

This can be yes or no, hide or show the description button with lightbox.


4.21. Show Desc. By Default:

This can be yes or no, shows or not the description window by default on Lightbox.


4.22. Custom CSS Editor:

This text field is used to apply custom CSS on this plugin. Custom CSS must be enter without using style tag. Simply write a custom css without < style > tag into below textarea field.

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6. Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ):

1. What is “Container Dimension”?

Container Dimension represent the area in which image thumbs will display. Check below image for better understand.

Gallery is auto responsive so you can set max width and height of container and after this gallery will auto adjust according to screen.

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IMPORTANT: If you found a bug in Ultimate Gallery Master plugin or have any problem/question concerning the plugin, do not hesitate to contact us at webhuntinfotech(at) gmail (dot) com.

Thanks For Reading This Document.

WebHunt Infotech

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