Refund Policy

We issue refunds by case basis only. Refund has to be processed within 30 days of purchase order. Our sales and support will try to solve your issues and if you are not satisfied then we will refund issue.

Since, the product has it’s own demo, documentation, features comparison table, video instructions, etc, we strongly recommend you to explore those resources precisely to evaluate the product feasibility, support terms, updates, licencing scopes, etc. Please feel free to hit Presale Enquiry, so that you will feel confident before purchasing it.

Here are the situations in which we give a refund on an WordPress Theme and related services you have purchased.

You are eligible for refund for the following:

  • If you are unable to get the theme or plugin to install properly on your website.
  • If the theme or plugin fails to perform the basic functions as designed.

You are not eligible for refund for the following:

  • Your requirements got changed and you do not need the theme or plugin any longer
  • Your client cancelled the project
  • You got some other theme or plugin which you think is a better fit currently
  • You mistakenly bought the wrong product.
    (In this case, we make discounts if you purchase the right one.)
  • You do not require a website or plugin at the moment

In above cases you need to send us WordPress admin details and URL of the site and you have worked with the product support team to try to resolve these issues.

Kindly email us at [email protected], asking for a refund and stating the reason why you need the refund. We will try to solve your problems or else provide you with the refund. Transaction costs nominal upto 3.5% of the total value is held back.

No refunds are provided after the first 30 days, and we do not provide pro-rats refunds for cancelled accounts.