How to Install Premium plugin to your WordPress Directory

In this tutorial, we will show you how to install a WordPress Premium Plugin.

We have covered all three methods: installing a premium plugin using WordPress Admin plugin Uploader,  manually installing a WordPress plugin using FTP, upload the plugin using your cPanel .


1). Install a Plugin using the WordPress Admin Plugin Upload

Paid WordPress plugins are not listed in the WordPress plugin directory. So you need to install WordPress plugin using the upload option in the admin area.

First, you need to download the plugin from the source (which will be a zip file). Next, you need to go to WordPress admin area and visit Plugins » Add New page.

After that, click on the Upload Plugin button on top of the page.

WordPress Admin plugin Uploader

This will bring you to the plugin upload page. Here you need to click on the choose file button and select the plugin file you downloaded earlier to your computer.

Choose plugin file to upload

After you have selected the file, you need to click on the install now button.

WordPress will now upload the plugin file from your computer and install it for you. You will see a success message like this after installation is finished.

Installing Plugin from uploaded file

Once installed, you need to click on the Activate Plugin link to start using the plugin.

You would have to configure the settings to fit your needs. These settings will vary for each plugin therefore we will not be covering that in this post.


2). Manually Install a WordPress Plugin using FTP

In some cases, your WordPress hosting provider may have file restrictions that could limit your ability to install a plugin from the admin area.

In this situation, your best bet is to install the plugin manually using FTP.

The FTP manager method is the least friendly for beginners.

First you will need to download the plugin’s source file (it will be a zip file). Next, you need to extract the zip file on your computer.

Extracting the plugin zip file will create a new folder with the same name. This is the folder that you need to manually upload to your website using a FTP client (you can use filezilla).

You would need to access your host through the FTP manager. If you do not have your FTP username and password, then contact your WordPress hosting provider and ask them.

Open the FTP client on your computer and connect to your website using the login credentials provided by your web host. Once connected, you need to access the path /wp-content/plugins/

Next, upload the folder you extracted from the zip file to the /wp-content/plugins/ folder on your web server.

Upload File using FTP

After uploading the files, you need to visit the WordPress admin area and click on the Plugins link in the admin menu. You will see your plugin successfully installed on the plugins page.

Activate Plugin

You need to click on the Activate link below the plugin. Upon activating, you may need to configure the plugin settings.


3). Upload a plugin using cPenal

1. Log into your cPanel and navigate to File manager menu:

2. Go to wp-content/plugins directory and hit Upload button in order to upload a .zip file from your local machine (or use FTP instead):

3. Once the archive is uploaded, right-click on the archived file > Extract option:


Once the archive is extracted, you will see the folder of your plugin in the corresponding directory of your WordPress installation:

5. The plugin is now installed, you can go ahead and activate it in your Dashboard > Plugins menu and activate the plugin.

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