How to get twitter Token access to display twitter feed on WordPress theme

To get the Access Token & Consumer key of your twitter account follow the below steps :-

  1. First of all head over to and sign in with the same credentials that you use to access the Twitter account that you intend to output from.
  2. Select Tools -> Manage Your Apps from the home page (in footer ), then Create New App.
  3. Type in a sensible name, like “Feed for my website”, a description like “API access for my website” and the url of your website.  Agree to the terms and submit.
  4. You’ll be taken to the details page of the ‘app’ you’ve just created. Under Application Settings hit the Manage Keys and Access Tokens link.
  5. Note down the Consumer Key and Consumer Secret. Then hit the Create Access Token and again note down the generated Access Token and Access Token Secret. You now have everything needed to access your Twitter account through the API.
  6. Put these keys into your Kyma Premium Theme Option panel and save the option.

That’s it your twitter feed is successfully integrated to your website  .

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