How to generate Google Captcha Api Keys for your website

Api Keys (Site Key and Secret key) are required to enable Google Captcha. To generate Google Captcha Api Keys for your website (Domain) follow these steps –

1. Visit And Press ‘Get ReCAPTCHA’ button at top-right and login

2. If you are signed in into Google account. It will not ask for login details otherwise, get signed in.
3. First remove the old keys if you have of your domain otherwise google site key are not supported
4. Now you can see new page ‘Register a New Site´ Fill the all information Under Register New Site:

• Fill Site Label
• Select The reCAPTCHA as Checkbox
• Enter Your Site Domain
• Accept the terms of service
• And click the registration button

Now It will take you to the site key page and create Site Key and Secret Key

Copy your keys and add Google Captcha Setting . These created keys can be used in plugin and you can make your WordPress site Captcha ready.

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