How to create a flickr account and manage your Flickr Album

Albums are a great way to keep your photos and videos organized. Group them by date, topic, event, or anything that feels right to you. In this tutorial, you can find step by step instructions about how to create a flickr account and manage your Flickr Album.

Create an Album in Flickr

Follow the step to create a flickr album :-

Step 1) The first step is log in to your flickr account. Click on LINK to go on the login screen of flickr.

It will redirect you to yahoo page. login there and it will redirect you on your flickr account.

Step 2) Once you successfully login to your flickr account, you can click on ‘Upload’ icon at the top of the page.

Step 3)  Click on the words ‘Choose photos and videos’

Step 4)  Select the images you want to upload from your hard drive and click Open.

Step 5)  Set your privacy and click on ‘Upload’.

Step 6)  Click on Album.

and click in Add Album

Step 7)  Enter Album Title and a description. Now drag and drop image from bottom to image box area. See below screenshot.

Step 8)  Now click on Save button to publish your Album.

Delete an Album in Flickr

A very simple step to delete Flickr album.

Click on Album tab, Mouse hover over an album that you want to delete. On mouse hover you can see delete icon, click on it and a conform box will popup.

Click OK button to confirmed deleting command.


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