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Coming Soon Master (Free) plugin is modern and responsive coming soon/ under construction/ maintenance page with full-sized background image, countdown timer and unlimited color scheme.

Plugins comes  with About Us, Contact Us and Newsletter Subscription section. Other key features are option to Enable/disable any section, Skip users by user roles and user IP’s, SEO Friendly, Google Analytics option, Logo, Social Icons, Footer Section, User Friendly Admin Dashboard, Custom CSS Editor and Many more…

Plugin Download: Coming Soon Master


  1.  Plugin Installation
  2.  Enable Coming Soon Mode
  3.  Coming Soon Settings
  4.  Frequently asked questions (FAQ)
    1. How to install Coming Soon Master in WordPress?
    2. How to get update notification of Plugin?

Here we explaining how you can installation, configuration and publishing coming soon master pro plugin.

Follow these steps to publish your Slider:

1. Plugin Installation:

After download plugin Upload & Activate plugin into WordPress site.

Now Plugin is successfully installed

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2. Enable Coming Soon Mode:

It’s very easy to enable coming soon mode.

Plugin Preview into Page:

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3. Coming Soon Settings:

Through coming soon settings you can configure Template , SEO, Page, Countdown, About Us, Our Services, Portfolio, Contact Info, Send Mail, Newsletter, Social, Copyright and Plugin Styling Settings.

Here we explaining each settings one by one according to page.

3.1. Dashboard Settings:

Using Dashboard Settings you can enable/disable coming soon mode. You can prevent login users to see coming soon mode on bases of their user role. In addition if you can also skip coming soon page for users on their ip address.

Coming soon :- Enable/disable coming soon/ maintenance page.

Skip Page For :- Using this option you can prevent login users to see coming soon mode on bases of their user role. Only selected user can able to see theme and other unchecked user go to coming soon page.

Skip Page for These IPs :-  You can allow any user to see your theme. Just enter user ip address and user can able to see your theme when the coming mode activated.

Note :- Enter one ip address in one line. Use enter key for new line.


4.2. Template Settings:

You these option to set your home background temple. You can set Background color and Image. Coming soon also have feature of overlay color on background.

Template Style :- Overlay color option will work with any background style.

Background Color :-  Use option is visible when you selected template style as Flate Color or  Flat color (mp3 audio)

Background Image :- Use option is available when you selected template style as Image or Image (mp3 audio).


Site Background Overlay Settings :- Using this option you can set overlay color on background template style.

4.3. SEO Settings:

SEO settings will help you to improve your page searching.

Favicon Icon :- Favicon Icon will display on browser tab of coming soon page

SEO Meta Title :-  Meta Title is your page title will shows up in Search Engine Result Pages, it is one of the most important on-page ranking factors.

SEO Meta Description :- The purpose of a meta description tag is to provide a brief and concise summary of your website’s content. Meta description also shows up in Search Engine Result Pages.

Google Analytics :- Put your google analytics script in this field. It activates Google Analytics tracking.


4.4. Page Settings:

Use option to set your home coming soon page.

Logo Settings :- Using these option you can enable/disable logo, set logo width, height and link.

Description and button settings :- You can set home page description and button text using these settings. Read More button is the detail page button and Notify Me is subscription page button.


4.5. Countdown Settings:

Use this option to set countdown or title on home page.

Count Down settings : – use this option to set launch date, time of your site. Plugin auto convert this in day, hover, minute, seconds from current date.

Note :- Upgrade to Pro for unlock utc option for universal time countdown.

Language Strings :- Use this option to convert day, hover, minute, seconds text string in your language.


Home Page Title Settings : – If you select title option than title will display on place of countdown. This option is given because some time user don’t want to show countdown than it is more useful for them.

Use span tag to highlight any word in the title.


4.6. Basic Styling:

Use this option to set Preloader settings and Custom CSS Editor.

Preloader Settings :- You can enable/disable preloader for coming soon page, you can also set Text that display with preloader icon.

Plugin Color Schemes :- This Feature available in pro version

Custom Css Editor :- Put  your custom css to styling your coming soon page.

4.7. About Us:

Go to Admin Dashboard >> Coming Soon Master Pro >> About Us.

Use these option to enable/disable About Us section, set About us Title, Background Text, description and about us section content.

Note:- In about us content option to put any text, media or html that will display in About us section.


4.10. Contact Info:

Use contact page option to set your contact info on coming soon page. You can also found google map setting in this page.

Note :- Send Mail/ Mailing Section feature is available in Pro Version. you can upgrade your plugin to get more features.

Contact Section title & description settings :- Here you can enable/disable contact section, you can also set contact section title and description.

Contact Information :- Enter your contact info like Email Address,  Contact Number, Address will show on contact us page.

Google Map URL :- Enter your google map URL

Send Mail/ Mailing Section :- This Feature available in Pro Version. Using the feature user can contact you throw coming soon page.

4.11. Newsletter Settings:

User can Request for newsletter subscription using this option. In free version you can use only wp-mail feature.

Using wp-mail feature you can get mail notification if any one subscribe for Newsletter. user will also received a thank message for  subscribing newsletter.

Note :- Premium Version comes with MailChamp newsletter  features.

Newsletter Option :- From here you can disable Newsletter Form or you can use Wp Mail option for newsletter.

If You select Wp Mail as newsletter option, you need to activate SMTP plugin. Our recorded plugin is Postman SMTP.

Confirmation Mail for Subscriber :- This section field are used to send as thank message to subscriber for newsletter subscription.

Notification Mail to admin :- This section field are used to send as notification mail to admin as Subscription Notification.

Email Address :- Mail Address where admin want to received notification mails.


4.12. Subscription Field Settings:

Subscription page settings will be display on Subscription Form. Using these options you can set Subscription form image, form title, description, Subscription email field text, Subscription button text and thank you message after successfully Subscribed.

Note :- Subscription form will be display when you enable newsletter settings.

4.13. Social Profile:

Use this option to link your social profiles with Coming Soon Page. Upgraded to premium version for more social profiles.


4.14. Copyright Settings:

As the the name says using the options you can set Copyright text on you coming soon page. Copyright text will display at footer of coming soon detail page. If you don’t want to show copyright information set these field blank and save settings.

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4. Frequently asked questions (FAQ):

1. How to install Coming Soon Master in WordPress?

### Install Plugin Using WordPress Plugin Search

  1. Go to the ‘Add New’ in the plugins dashboard
  2. Search for ‘Coming Soon Master’
  3. Click Install Now button
  4. Then click Activate Plugin button
  5. Now plugin is Activated
  6. You will see plugin option on WordPress left menu

### Install Plugin using the WordPress Admin Plugin Uploader

1. First download the ZIP file from you amember account.
2. Log in to your website administrator panel.
3. Go to the ‘Add New’ in the plugins dashboard, click “Upload Plugin”.
4. Upload Fusion Slider Pro ZIP file by choosing it from your computer.
5. Click **Install Now** button.
6. Then click **Activate Plugin** button.
7. You can see the slider plugin installed on WordPress left menu.

### Using FTP

1. First you will need to download the plugin. (it will be a zip file).
2. Next, you need to extract the zip file on your computer.
3. Login to your FTP
4. Access the path /wp-content/plugins/ for your server directory.
3. Upload the extracted folder to the **/wp-content/plugins/** folder on your web server.
4. Activate the plugin in the Plugin dashboard
5. You can see the plugin is installed and option will display on WordPress left menu.

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2. How to get update notification of Plugin?

When we release new updates of the Coming Soon Master Free plugin, you will find update notification on your WordPress admin panel.

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IMPORTANT: If you found a bug in Coming Soon Master plugin or have any problem/question concerning the plugin, please post your query into Coming Soon Master Support Forum. If you do not find a solution there, do not hesitate to contact us at webhuntinfotech (at) gmail (dot) com.
Thanks For Reading This Document.

WebHunt Infotech

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