Add social media icons in Fortune Lite WordPress theme

To set default home page in Fortune Lite theme read our article How To Setup Home Page in Our Lite Theme. To add social media icons follow below instruction :

How to set social media icons:

Go to Admin Dashboard >> Appearance >> Menus. Click on create a new menu link.

Enter menu name e.g. social link menu and click on Create Menu button .

Create menu in wordpress theme

Go to Custom Links section on left and enter your social media url in URL field and social media name in Link Text Field click on Add to Menu button.

Similarly add as many social media url as you want and in last check the Social Links Menu checkbox in bottom and click on Save Menu button to save the menu.

social media menu fortune lite theme
Add social media menu in Fortune lite theme

Now go to Appearance >> Customize >> Theme Options >> Social Options

And enable checkbox to display those social media links in footer and on home (If you have home page setup.)

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